Telco's neverending adventure ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ

Yan Grunenberger


I am a computer scientist, and telecommunication enthusiast.

After growing in the south west of France, I went to study in Grenoble Polytechnic institute (INPG) and got a Telecommunications Engineer Degree (2004) and a PhD in Computer Science (2008).

Since then I have been enjoying a smooth ride in the telco industry in various positions and roles (i.e. Academia, with CTTC, Telefonica Research), Product Security (Qualcomm), and then innovation (Telefonica, working on IpT) and then startups (Nefeli, Working Group 2), which Cisco has acquired.

In Working Group 2, I was focusing on building a mobile 4G/5G core build on modern principles, modern edge compute hardware and heavy automation thanks to kubernetes, enabling private networks for the long tail.

I am also maintaining an awesome list of all things telco at Github.

I am reachable via email at yan (at) grunenberger (dot) net.